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At LVL, we offer more than just career management; we provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your professional journey and personal life. We are deeply committed to privacy and security, valuing the safety of our clients and community above all.

We negotiate and structure contracts to deliver you the optimal outcome. Acting as your official representative and advocate, we assemble a dynamic team of strategic partners, from financial advisors to legal experts, ensuring that every aspect of your professional journey aligns with your goals.

To enhance your reach and impact, we're committed to elevating your personal brand and visibility. Our team develops tailored marketing strategies and fosters partnerships with top-tier brands, securing endorsements, deals and public appearances that align with your unique style and principles.
We know that you are so much more than just an athlete and we’re dedicated to empowering the entrepreneurs, scholars, philanthropists, creatives and visionaries that lie within. Our approach encompasses in-depth career consultation and strategic planning, ensuring your career path aligns with your evolving aspirations and needs.
We understand the significant impact that off-the-court activities can have on your career. Partnering with industry leaders, we manage media relations, create compelling press releases, and coordinate public appearances, ensuring that your public persona consistently reflects the excellence you demonstrate every day.
We are committed to helping you level up and elevate your game. We provide access to premier training facilities, elite coaches, sports performance specialists, chefs and nutritionists all focused on honing your athletic skills and achieving peak performance.
Embracing the responsibility that comes with success, we're dedicated to amplifying your impact both on and off the court. We assist with charitable giving, establishing foundations, and organizing philanthropic events, helping you extend your influence to make a meaningful difference in the communities that matter to you.


Elise Gordon

Elise Gordon

Co-Founder + Co-CEO

Licensed NBA Agent

A former Division I basketball player at Harvard, Elise holds a Masters in Business from USC Marshall with a focus on marketing and branding. A licensed NBA agent, Elise has successfully guided top draft picks and champions through their careers. She has a global reach, assisting players with brand deals, activations, and publicity tours.... Elise's passion lies in empowering athletes to achieve their goals and unlock their highest potential on and off the court. Her unique perspective, strong commitment to client success, and deep industry knowledge make her an invaluable asset in the field of sports and entertainment.

Drew Gordon

Co-Founder + Co-CEO

After an 11 year professional basketball career in the NBA, Europe and Asia, Drew is uniquely positioned to connect with and understand players. Drew founded LVL to help guide players through their professional basketball journey - on and off the court.

Drew Gordon
Kayci Baldwin

Kayci Baldwin

Marketing + Operations

An acclaimed marketer and brand strategist, Kayci has spent her career supporting start-up founders and visionaries. At LVL, she unites her lifelong sports fandom and Harvard education with her passions for community and competition, crafting impactful narratives for athletes and brands alike.


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